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I am a highly empathic and creative soul. I adore contemporary and street art, pop-culture, architecture, film and television, podcasts, cooking, movement, singing, deepening my spiritual connections and awareness. 

I have been organizing my own and other people’s spaces as far back as I can remember. It is a meditative, ordering and restorative act. Purging, sorting, finding new and unique ways of keeping my own things ordered produces a deep sense of calm and centering. Helping others to achieve their organizing goals is exponentially satisfying. 

I grew up immersed in theater, art, music and sports in Montclair, New Jersey; 20 minutes from Manhattan. As a teenager Greenwich Village was my mecca. The energy, architecture, art, endlessly changing sights filled my creative mind. 

I hold a masters in broadcast journalism from Boston University and have broad and varied professional experience, including teaching, radio show host/producer visual artist and actor. Connecting with people and helping them to find relief in clearing and ordering their spaces is truly the most gratifying work I have ever undertaken. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help you.

Room to Breathe
Owner, Emily Cherin

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